World Cord Blood Congress and Innovative Therapies in Monaco,  5th – 8th March 2015 at CCAM

Chaired by Professor Eliane Gluckman, world pioneer in cord blood stem cells transplants. (for further information )

Allocated budget: 5.000 Euros

Congress Programme
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The President of Cordons de Vie takes the floor during the congress regarding the ethical aspects. “It is the origin, production and use of stem cells that can give rise” she says “to ethical issues which, moreover, vary depending on the country and laws in force.

The whole advantage of umbilical cord stem cells is that they do not present any ethical issue; their collection, carried out after ligature of the umbilical cord harms neither the mother nor the new-born. Consequently they can enable us to treat and advance research. “

Fabienne Mourou, President of Cordons de Vie and Professor Eliane Gluckman, President of the Congress, interviewed by Monaco Matin on 4th March 2015

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Funding for 3 research projects in 2015 still in progress approved by the Scientific Committee.

Post-transplant viral infection control.

This study aims to control viral infections, related to the reconstitution kinetics of “NK” cells after transplantation. A better understanding of these mechanisms will allow better management of infections.

Professor Franco LOCATELLI – Ospedale Pediatrico Bambin Gesù, Rome

Allocated budget: 15.000 Euros over 2 years

Analysis of stem cell transplants in the fight against sickle cell disease. 

This analysis will evaluate the efficacy of this type of graft in the treatment of sickle cell disease.

Doctor Maria CAVAZZANNA – Institute Imagine –Necker Hospital, Paris

Allocated budget: 15.000 Euros over 2 years

Comparing the capacity of cord blood stem cells and marrow stem cells. 

Professor Timoty Devos

Allocated budget: 15.000 Euros over 2 years