The Association “Cordon de Vie” has been created to turn the hopes into reality.


  • Today, the umbilical cord is too often treated as a simple medical waste, while it contains valuable stem cells.
  • The collection is simple and the use of these cells does not harm the mother or the child; it poses no ethical problem.
  • The donation of these cells by the mother to an approved maternity ward is a free, generous and anonymous gesture that can save lives and advance research.
  • These cord blood stem cells are much more readily available than bone marrow stem cells, in the case of transplants, and pose far fewer rejection problems.
  • We have the necessary experience on cord blood transplants: the first transplant was successfully performed by Professor Eliane Gluckman in 1988.
  • Many blood diseases are already treated by cord blood stem cells such as leukemias, lymphomas, sickle cell disease…
  • Regenerative medicine begins to confirm its trials with cord stem cells.


The association Cordons de Vie collects funds in order:

  • To support medical research on umbilical cord stem cells in the field of the treatment of blood diseases but also in the field of regenerative medicine.
  • To develop treatments that are already effective in treating leukemia, lymphoma and sickle-cell anemia in Europe and Africa, and helping the most deprived to benefit from effective treatment.
  • To contribute to the accreditation of maternity in Monaco and to eventually promote the establishment of a bio-resource centre in the Principality, knowing the crucial lack of grafts compared to the important and increasing needs internationally.

The Association “Cordon de Vie” has been created to turn the hopes into reality.