Juin 2012 >>>

Establishment of the Monegasque Association “Cordons de Vie”, chaired by Fabienne MOUROU.

Conference-debate to the Press-club of Monaco with Professor Eliane GLUCKMAN (for the scientific aspect) and Fabienne MOUROU (for the ethical aspect) about the latest progresses in the studies on stem cells.

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January 2012 >>>

Great information evening dedicated to the general public and to the healthcare professions about the progresses in cord blood stem cells field organized in Monaco by the Association « Femmes leader Monaco» (Women Leaders Monaco), in the presence of the Monaco authorities that were extremely interested.

Press Conference to mark the official launch of « Femmes Leader Monaco » (Women Leaders Monaco) and about the further actions announcing a big conference about cord blood stem cells. Meeting with the President of « Femmes Leaders Mondiales » (World Women Leaders) Nicole BARBIN, who attended firsthand the event.

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December 2010 >>>

Meeting between Fabienne MOUROU, Hilde HANEUSE, President of the Association « Femmes Leaders Monaco » (Women Leaders Monaco) and Anne POYARD VATRICAN, responsible of stem cells within the Association.

2nd International Congress  in Monaco with the same organizers and the Consultative Diocesan Committee in Bioethics of Monaco. The organization, under Fabienne MOUROU’s responsibility, allowed, in the presence of the Monegasque and Roman authorities, a crucial meeting between the Sovereign Prince Albert II and the President of the Scientific Committee, Professor Eliane GLUCKMAN, world pioneer in cord blood stem cells transplant in 1988.

From this meeting was born the project about an Observatory on Research on Sickle Cells disease at the Centre Scientifique of Monaco.

In the same month the white book Monaco 2029 came out. This document, elaborated by the Conseil National (Monaco Parliament), with the support of economists and leading figures, proposes the stem cells as a way to follow for a future development.

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June 2006 >>>

The 1st International Congress on adult stem cells and on stem cells taken from the umbilical cord blood, launched by the Pontificia Accademia per la Vita (Pontifical Academia for Life) in Rome, has gathered a huge number of researchers from all over the world. Among the speakers featured Professor YAMANAKA, who presented the result of his studies on adult pluripotent stem cells (IPS). For these studies he won the Nobel Prize in 2012.